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More than Food and “Dolce Vita”

Italy seems to be a popular subject in the daily buzz published in the press (online and offline), in blogs and in other forms of social networking. The interest in this small country is certainly greater than it’s political, geographic or strategic role.

There are an infinite amount of declarations of love regarding: food, landscapes, history, “dolce vita”, Ferrari and beauty (especially in regards to the players on the national soccer team). These are counterbalanced by strong negative opinions concerning: disorganization, corruption, politics and the Italian stereotype of mammismo (aka ‘momism’). It seems like the world tends to be polarized in judging Italy using subjective emotional criteria instead of the same objective and modern criteria which is usually reserved for the leading nations of the 21st century.

The “Italy of Innovators” project (P.S. Expert System is one of the selected companies) is actually an excellent example of how Italy is also a modern country which pays attention to technology and is full of innovative companies who struggle to put their ideas on the market despite the financial, academic and political systems which are a far cry from the Silicon Valley.

So here’s my suggestion to all of the international investors, entrepreneurs and university professors who follow my blog (OK, perhaps I’ve exaggerated a bit ): set down your glass of Chianti, stop listening to Turandot, start reading the list of these companies and keep these innovators in mind during your next vacation to the boot-shaped country. Take a chance to set up a meeting with these entrepreneurs…it might just lead to new investment opportunities!

Note: for those would like read more about Italy, I suggest books by Beppe Severgnini who has also inspired some of the opinions I expressed in this post.


Author: Luca Scagliarini

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