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4 Shots at Trash or Treasure – Big Data Gold or Big Goose Eggs?


iCrunchDataNews, September 15, 2015

– It’s well known that organizations and individuals deal with a large number of text documents on a daily basis. This unstructured data is more than four times the amount of structured data stored or managed by organizations. Is it valuable?  Absolutely.

However, when we need to define why this unstructured data has strategic value for an organization, the generic ways we describe this value (to gain insight, to increase our knowledge, to provide the full picture, etc.) aren’t very helpful.

In this post I will try to clear the fog and present some concrete examples of WHAT you should look for in unstructured data and HOW you should calculate its value.

Read the Luca Scagliarini’s article on iCruchData

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