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A breath of Fresh Air for Search Engines

The industry was in an uproar when Eric Schmidt stated that it will be necessary to switch from words to meanings, in order to better understand what users are asking and what is contained in indexed documents. It would be a considerable change in direction for the Mountain View giant, which has always sustained that keyword technology is more than sufficient to obtain the best results.In a way, it’s really nothing new. For some time now, in the world of Semantic Web, a sort  of  integration of semantic technology (which is able to understand meanings) has been going on within one of the most popular Internet search engines. When Bing was launched, Microsoft itself claimed to use semantic elements, but without actually specifying the types of elements and the ways they would benefit searches. However, just the fact that the industry leader is talking about ‘understanding meanings’, makes it legitimate and creates a time line of before and after: the era of widespread web-applied semantics has officially begun.


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