Expert System supports numerous research projects in the field of artificial intelligence to promote technological advancement and the process of digital transformation in government and other sectors. Collaboration between organizations, public administrations, university departments and cutting-edge companies activates important synergies between different skills and knowledge to create innovative technological solutions and new business models in support of economic growth.

At Expert System, we consider technological innovation a key strategic asset for business development. With Cogito Lab locations in both Europe and the United States, Expert System is positioned to actively participate in research projects in these markets.

SOLOMON – Strategy-Oriented anaLysis Of the Market fOrces in EU defeNce

CICERO – counter-narrative communication campaign

PYTHIA – A project aimed at devising a methodology for strategic technology foresight

ANITA – An investigating system for fighting illegal substance trafficking

CREEP – A set of tools to support cyberbullying teenage victims

VIS – The first full fledged system for assisted fact-checking

ONCOSNIPE – Bioinformatic identifying resistance to anti-cancer treatments

LETS-CROWD – A project for the fight of terrorism during mass gatherings

TRIVALENT – A multidisciplinary analysis of violent extremism

ITRAC – A project for analyzing financial flows on crypto-currencies

DANTE – Data mining for the analysis of terrorist-related contents

PRESIDIO – A model for exploring the risk of chronic diseases

PRESIDIO – A model for exploring the risk of chronic diseases

EVER-EST – An e-infrastructure for sharing information in Earth Science

OPTEEMAL – Optimised Energy Efficient Design Platform

MIXED EMOTIONS – Linked Data platform per l’analisi delle emozioni

European Commission

IANCIS – Progetto di analisi semantica dei siti della rete Onion

I-FIND – Innovative approach to the early identification of threats

SYPCIT – A project to identity theft issues

SICH – A smart tool to support investigation’s activities

European Commission

SIEX – Semantic Information Exchanged

SPANCIP – A prediction model for critical infrastructure protection