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Artificial Intelligence: Useful Technology or the Next Frankenstein?


– While I’m not a Facebook user or big fan of the platform, there is at least one area where Mark Zuckerberg and I are on the same page: Artificial Intelligence (for reference

While it’s always inspired a bit of controversy, I think that the negative views about AI being a dangerous technology are more grounded in Hollywood than in reality, and not just because we’ve seen so many positive examples of its application (especially in biomedics). Instead, it’s a complete contradiction to think that a computer can overcome something that even humans don’t quite understand. Despite decades of work by some of our most brilliant minds, we still don’t exactly know how the brain functions, not to mention all of the mechanisms at the base of thought or comprehension.

So, Bravo, Mark!

Read the article by Marco Varone, CTO and Founder, Expert System

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