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Churchill used to say that…

Democracy is the worst form of government, except for all those other forms that have been tried from time to time


I’m fond of this quote by Winston Churchill, and I often use it in my meetings and presentations in this modified version

Semantic technology is the worst technology for processing unstructured information, except for all other technologies

Actually, a perfect technology for knowledge management does not exist because a definition of knowledge itself does not exist, at least not one so rich and complete to be shared by everyone.

We all have our idea of knowledge and we prefer to approach information our own way: if I could remember word by word all I know and had the time to read directly all the sources I have available, I would be 100% sure of being well-informed.
And I wouldn’t need any technology, either perfect or imperfect 😉

But the many reports available on the explosion of knowledge, from here to 2010 for example, are clear: we will have then 988 billions Gigabyte of digital information, at least according to the projections based on 2006 that closed with 161 exabyte (billion gigabyte). Now, it is definitely true that the majority of this information consists in multimedia material, but most of the rest is plain text that requires the best possible technology to become, at least in part, usable and useful.

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