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Cogito, Marco Varone’s blog

Nov 04, 2005

The corporate blog of Expert System (, an S.p.A. with offices in Modena and Roma, since more than ten years the market leader in the field of linguistic technologies for knowledge management and information mining, is now online.

The author of the BLOG, called “Cogito” like the semantic platform developed by the company, with an explicit reference to the Cartesian quote (cogito, ergo sum, ‘I think, therefore I am’), is Marco Varone, CTO of Expert System.

“In this blog”, explains Varone, “I will range over the universe of unstructured information, that is to say the huge mass of potentially useful data contained in the communication that millions (now billions) of people produce and acquire everyday. Let’s consider the many types of documents, email messages, web pages, but also books, articles, news… in short, all kinds of texts in digital format. In the present economy of information, managing this material in an effective way is absolutely crucial. In fact, by relying on technology we have only solved the first problem, the access to data, but we still have to face difficulties when trying to govern effectively the knowledge we are sharing and consulting everyday.

No matter the area and goals, knowledge management remains a critical issue. In fact various theories were formalized and the debate is open more than ever.

I would like to contribute to this subject with a wider and more correct culture on the subject; I would also like to transmit the experience of many years of work in the field of linguistic-semantic technologies, talking about technology, products, problems and solutions, successes, failures and false hopes.

I believe a direct and popular approach to be ideal for this purpose, that’s why I decided to open a blog. My main goal, in fact, is that of writing interesting pages, pleasant to read, but also, as an expert in the field of natural language and management of unstructured information, of being available for all those who want to discuss the subject of knowledge management.”


“Cogito, Marco Varone’s blog” is on line at the address

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