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Cogito Search Explore Engine launches today at SemTech 2011

As the Semantic Technology Conference kicks off here in San Francisco, today I am excited to announce the launch of our new Cogito Search Explore Engine.

For me, Cogito SEE is a reflection of where we are today and where we’re headed in the world of information management/search/analytics. We are accessing and sharing information in ways we could have only imagined 20 years ago. Today, we all have more information outlets than we know what to do with, and more tools with which to share it than ever before. “The stream,” as it’s increasingly being referred to, is a living, ever changing flow, a potentially rich source of information. But it poses an even greater challenge to those who want to tap into its depth and breadth for only the things we’re looking for, when we need them.

This is particularly challenging on an enterprise level, where the need to be able to capture what’s important and meaningful from the stream—and be able to merge that with internal data—translates into better customer service, improved product development and competitive advantage—the bottom line. Capturing the information that makes this possible is about more than search, but also about being able to filter results. This is where a semantic platform excels, and particularly where Cogito SEE excels.

The new Cogito SEE meets the growing needs of enterprise search by not only enabling more effective access to internal information, but by being able to intercept and filter the most critical information from the stream, and using new features to enable complex analysis.

These features, at the heart of Cogito SEE, extend powerful semantic capabilities beyond the point of search and discovery to the visualization and navigation of results. Where traditional filtering methods limit filtering based on file attributes, Cogito SEE enables drill down into results based on comprehension of the content.

In this view, results are broken down into sub categories based on the content, and each category can be further explored.

Our new visualization features are user friendly, and offer further opportunities to filter content as well as dynamic navigation between different views of the results. New visual features offer a variety of ways to view results:

A stream focus that is dynamically updated.

Maps integration that show a geographical concentration of results.

These are just a few of the new features we’re excited about. Visit our website to learn more about the Cogito Search Explore Engine, and if you’re at SemTech today, we hope you’ll visit us in booth #306.

If not, drop us an email at to request access to our online demo.


Author: Luca Scagliarini

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