Yet another competitor for Google is on the market: Cuil (a funny name in Italian :)) plans to fight Google by relying on the high number of indexed pages (120 billion stated so far), and on the experience of the founders, who used to work for Google (and maybe this is how they were able to raise 33 million dollars for their enterprise.)

I’ve tested this new engine and it doesn’t work so well: the innovation seems to be limited to an unusual representation of the results, while clustering remains similar to many others we’ve already seen in the past and, more important, the quality of the results appears to be poor. They could have called this version a beta but they didn’t, for some reason. Anyway, although the engine is not worth using right now, it is brand new and can only improve in the future.

At least they’ve avoided calling it a semantic search engine, and for this I am grateful, because nowadays everything pretends to be semantic, including coffee machines :-))

A final (playful) note: as Microsoft is buying all sorts of things (as long as they are connected with searching) maybe Cuil is just planning to be bought by the Redmond giant for a nice profit.

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