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Customer satisfaction goes up, your costs go down

Expert System’s Upcoming Webinar, COGITO Answers: the Best Customer Care Solution

Welcome to Expert System Live Webinar:
Customer satisfaction goes up, your costs go down
Improving Customer Satisfaction with the award winning solution – COGITO Answers


Today  live customer calls cost on average $10 per interaction. With Cogito Answers the cost is pennies not dollars.

Cogito Answers is already answering millions of automated natural language customer service calls today with some of the largest enterprises in the world. Learn what it can do for your enterprise.

Industry studies show that 60% of users seek some type of self-help services first before opting to make a call. Cogito Answers is the only self-help solution which leverages semantics, understands your clients’ needs no matter how they express them and gives precise single answers every time.


Join your colleagues for a presentation and roundtable discussion with Expert System on Natural Language Self-Help Technology.  This is a free webinar brought to you by Expert System. 
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Be sure to attend this webinar if;
. You need to enhance customer care while cutting costs.
. Your clients and personnel need a quicker way to find information.
. You’d like to automate text messaging responses via cell phone.


DATE/TIME: March 3rd 2009, 9:00 am PT, 12:00 pm ET USA, 5:00 pm UK
Duration: 60 Minutes
Focus On: Natural Language Self-Help Technology for Improved Customer Care.


In this webinar you will learn how COGITO Answers is the Best Customer Care Solution;
. It is Convenient: Accessible 24/7 through mobile devices.
. It is Fast: Answers are delivered in a seconds so customers are not delayed.
. It is Accurate: Content is current, consistent and from a trustworthy source.
. It is Simple to Use: No training required. Just ask a question and receive an answer. Automatically answers questions sent through its website and Intranet as well as e-mail and text messaging using everyday language.

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