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e-Democracy and Semantic Web: Advanced Solutions to Listen to Citizens

Expert System and Oracle Seminar, 10-29-2008

“e-Democracy and Semantic Web: Advanced Solutions to Listen to Citizens”

On Tuesday the 29th of October, the seminar “e-Democracy and Semantic Web: Advanced Solutions to Listen to Citizens”, organized by Expert System and Oracle, will take place in Milan at the Museo di Storia Naturale – Natural History Museum on Corso Venezia, 55.

The participation of citizens in civic life has increased in recent years. The ideas being shared online and discussions about how decisions are made has become of great interest to administrations, whether they be international organizations, national governments or local communities.

Unfortunately in some areas, projects have failed to meet expectations, particularly when the technological solution was considered an end in itself, instead of a function of the interactive process to improve the Public Administration through the sharing of information and contributions offered by different communities such as, private citizens, businesses and organizations. An e-Democracy platform that can effectively and efficiently intercept and communicate to the administrators, the ideas and opinions of citizens expressed on various topics online, is a strategic tool to support the dialogue between citizens and the Public Administrations.

How many are in favour of a specific initiative? How many are complaining about it? What is the feedback of the inhabitants of a specific area?

During the seminar, a study will be presented that is based both on the Cogito semantic software that analyzes and interprets the opinions of the citizens, and on the Oracle RDF platform for the Semantic web that processes the collected information.

Please note that places are limited and application is required link.

The schedule of the seminar.

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