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e-Government for Public Administration and Defence

Nov 02, 2004

On the 26th of October, Expert System took part to the Meeting “e-Government for Public Administration and Defence”, organized by the Centro Studi Banca Europa. ( in Rome at the Aula Magna of the Scuola Trasporti e Materiali dell’Esercito (Cecchignola).

With a two-part speech, Stefano Spaggiari, Managing Director of the company, and Andrea Melegari, Director of the Business Unit P.A./e-Gov and Intelligence, illustrated the characteristics of COGITO® and presented the applications developed by Expert System for knowledge management.

Starting from the Sensigrafo® and the disambiguator , were presented the solutions to index and search information in natural language, to classify and store large amounts of documents, to structure, extract and select the information in a target way from the mass of available data, to monitor and find strategic information, to correlate and view the gathered data.

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