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Dec 06, 2005

As a partner of the eCitizen European project (, aimed at promoting electronic government in European cities, the Comune di Bologna has organized a workshop taking place in Bologna on the 16th and 17th of December at the Palazzo dei Notai and Palazzo d’Accursio. The two days of study involve the presence of various experts of innovative services, eDemocracy and eGovernment coming from different Italian and foreign areas (Finland, Russia, Great Britain etc.), and are aimed at sharing the experiences of different realities, to improve the services offered to citizens by the local PA and to optimize the internal administrative procedures.
Expert System, with an experience matured in the sector of technological solutions to support eGovernment processes, will take part to the workshop presenting its semantic technology and in particular the many and innovative opportunities offered to both Italian and foreign Public Administrations.


The presentation by Andrea Minerdo of Expert System

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