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Electronic Warfare 2011

Berlin, 25 May 2011

Expert System today announces its participation in the COMINT Seminar sponsored by Plath GmbH and the Shephard Group as part of Shephard’s 16th 16th Electronic Warfare conference. The event, the first international event specializing in COMINT, will be held on May 25, 2011 at the Estrel Convention Center, Berlin, Germany.

Andrea Melegari, Expert System’s Chief Operating Officer, Intelligence Division, will present “Semantic vs. Keyword: A new approach for supporting exploitation,” at 14.30 on May 25.

Intelligence analysts are responsible for more than just searching for information. Instead, they must be able to find relevant information fast, analyze it to generate meaningful data, and when required, share it with others. With over 80% of the knowledge we manage daily in the form of unstructured information (emails, documents, Web pages, articles, reports, content from social media, etc.), having access to documents without understanding their content is like not having access to this material at all.

For organizations who manage large data sets, being able to retrieve a high level of accurate results relevant to your query and retrieving only the data you are interested in is critical. This is where a semantic platform excels.

Organizations are increasingly turning to semantic technology as a critical tool for managing intelligence, providing competitive data and strategic information from internal documents and the web, identifying potential crisis areas, and insight into strategy and product development.

Visit the COMINT Seminar website to learn more.

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