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Expert System at Ricubo

Nov 15, 2006

The theme of new hi-tech companies has been brought up in recent national and local surveys according to which out of the 450 recently created research spin-offs in all of Italy, 100 were in Emilia Romagna. This theme will be the focal point of a series of meetings organized by Aster, from the 15th to the 17th of November, at the Research Area of the CNR of Bologna in Via Gobetti 101.

“Ricubo – ricercando l’innovazione, gli investitori e le nuove imprese” (Looking for innovation, investors and new companies) is the name of the initiative in which Expert System will participate.

The event is aimed at valorizing and bringing attention to the creation of companies in Emilia Romagna and at supporting the development of new companies born from scientific research. In fact, the exhibition area and the conference area show a very innovative window of our entrepreneurial area.

Expert System will be in Ricubo’s limelight Thursday 16th November: the day will be introduced at 9.00 am by “Breakfast with… Stefano Spaggiari: a successful entrepreneur talks about his experience”. The Managing Director of Expert System will be interviewed by the RAI journalist Lucio Bottini to run through the most important moments of the company’s history, the development of the activity and future projects.

The complete program of Ricubo

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