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Expert System at TechFOr: COGITO Intelligence Platform

Expert System at TechFOR, International Exhibition on Technology for Security, Rome May 11-14 2009

Expert System announces the release of the new version of  Cogito Intelligence Platform, the suite which supports Intelligence processes – and the project which integrates Expert System’s semantic technology with the mathematical models of  the Semeion Research Center.

Cogito Intelligence Platform: new features
Cogito Intelligence Platform uses semantic technology to assist analysts in Corporate Intelligence and Homeland Security activities: it is capable of tracking down information, analyzing text and identifying the conceptual connections between documents. In this new version, the entity and relation extraction feature has been greatly enhanced, thereby improving the identification of information connections and making strategic data processing much more efficient.

“When enormous amounts of data need to be analyzed quickly (as often occurs in security and information agencies), semantic technology is useful for rapidly finding useful information and relations,” declares Andrea Melegari, VP Security & Intelligence of Expert System. “The enhancement of these functions of Cogito Intelligence Platform gives birth to new opportunities for application, such as in OSINT activities, including Web 2.0, where the entities to be identified and correlated are growing in number and becoming increasingly complex to handle”.

Expert System at TechFOr:
semantic technology and mathematical algorithms

The new version of Cogito Intelligence Platform will be presented at TechFOr, International Exhibition on Technology for Security, from May 11-14 at the Rome Fair Centre in the PA FORUM. In its second edition, TechFor is the leading exhibition destination for public and private professionals in the citizen and national security markets.

For the conference session of TechFOr, Expert System has organized the workshop, “Semantic technology and mathematical algorithms: from the invisible to the visible. Expert System – Semeion’s solutions for crime fighting and Homeland Security” which will take place on Monday, May 11 at 3:00 pm (Pad. 6, Room B). The seminar will be held in cooperation with Semeion, Science and Communications Research Centre, a scientific organization recognized by MIUR. The Centre is directed by Prof. M. Buscema, a researcher in the field of artificial intelligence and an inventor of models of artificial neural networks and evolutionary algorithms, which have been applied to the fields of security and medical research.
“The synergy between Expert System’s semantic technology and Semeion’s mathematical algorithms offers new and interesting application scenarios, especially in the ability to inference indirect relations between entities and events,” comments Melegari.

“Language and natural language text consist of explicit semantics and hidden semantics, (the latter has consequences which are overlooked by the speaker and/or writer). Expert System makes text semantics explicit and Semeion makes hidden semantics visible,” concludes Buscema. 

Expert System will be present for the entire duration of TechFOr (pad. 6, booth 1C) and will be providing information and giving demos of this technology.

For more information on Cogito Intelligence Platform, visit the website:

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