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Expert System to Conduct Workshop at RANLP 2007

Conference on Natural Language Processing, 9-26-2007

Expert System, leading provider of semantic intelligence software, which discovers, classifies and interprets text information, will take part in a workshop concerning the Acquisition and Management of Multilingual Lexicons.

The workshop will be held on September 30, in conjunction with the sixth International Conference RANLP 2007Recent Advances in Natural Language Processing – taking place in Borovets (Bulgaria) on September 27-29.

The workshop, concerned with the problem of automatic management of lexical resources which lie at the heart of many multilingual technologies, will bring together researchers working on a broad range of problems related to the management of multilingual lexical resources – their acquisition, maintenance, customization, and re-use. The scope of the workshop includes evaluation of multilingual lexicons intended for a broad range of applications: from personalized glossaries for a translation project to large-scale machine-readable dictionaries and databases.

Specific topics of interest for the proposed workshop are:

  • Acquisition of lexical knowledge from parallel and comparable corpora, and from the Web
  • Porting, merging and domain customisation of existing lexical resources using NLP technologies
  • Acquisition of multilingual domain terminology
  • Acquisition of translations for multi-word expressions
  • Acquisition of translations for polysemous words
  • Acquisition of multilingual lexical taxonomies
  • Named Entity transliteration
  • Acquisition of cognates and loanwords
  • Extraction of equivalent free word combinations from comparable corpora
  • Applications of multilingual lexicons and their evaluation within:
  • Statistical Machine Translation
  • Computer-Aided Translation
  • Information Retrieval (Question Answering, Text Retrieval, Text Classification and Clustering) 
  • Knowledge Management 

The web site “Workshop on Acquisition and Management of Multilingual Lexicons”, September 30, 2007

The web site of the RANLP 2007 Conference

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