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Expert System will be a Guest at the SemTech Conference

May 20-24 2007, San Jose -California, 5-7-2007

Expert System, the leading provider of Semantic Intelligence Software, announced today its participation in the Semantic Technology Conference, May 20-24 2007 – San Jose, California. The SemTech Conference is where Semantic Technologies and Web 3.0 (the Semantic Web) come to life – in products, in working applications, in case studies, and in conversations with hundreds of developers, enterpreneurs, and practitioners who are building a new industry. 

On Wednesday May 23, Luca Scagliarini, VP Strategy and Business Development of Expert System, and Darryl Cohen, AskMeNow CEO, will give a talk which will describe how web information can be accessed through simple requests in natural language by SMS. The SI system has the ability to understand, extract, filter and categorize the information contained in the messages written in day to day language. Once the request has been interpreted, the natural language interface can send the correct answer by SMS regarding encyclopedic information – When was Mozart born? Why is the ocean blue? – telephone numbers and addresses, weather – Will it be a sunny day in New York tomorrow? – horoscope, and also sport, cinema, etc.

Why Semantic Technology?

Welcome to Semantic Technology Conference 2007

Semantics is a hot industry sector – a $2 billion per year market and projected to grow to over $50 billion by the year 2010. Leading analysts have estimated that 35-65% of our System Integration costs are due to Semantic issues. And in every sector of the market – software infrastructure and tools, methodology, internet based activity and support for implementation projects – both inside the enterprise, and across the Internet, our biggest software challenges come down to creating and resolving meaning. In other words: semantics.

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