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Expert System Will Participate with the Informatica Community at Informatica World 2010

Washington, D.C., 2-4 Nov 2010

Expert System will participate with the Informatica community at Informatica World 2010, held November 2-4 in Washington, D.C.



Informatica World is the premiere integration conference for learning how Informatica products and services enable success in traditional Enterprise Data Integration and beyond, with Data Quality, B2B Data Exchange, Cloud Data Integration, Application Information Lifecycle Management, Master Data Management (MDM), Complex Event Processing and Ultra Messaging.


At Informatica World, Expert System will demonstrate how its Cogito semantic technology can integrate structured and unstructured data, leading to the discovery and creation of corporate knowledge for true enterprise intelligence.


In addition to the internal data that exists inside organizations, thanks to the internet, email and social media, today’s organizations have enormous amounts of information at their disposal. Monitoring and accessing the relevant information in real time is strategic, but because much of this information resides in unstructured data (text, spreadsheets, presentations, emails, PDFs, etc.), it is complex and requires a deeper automatic understanding of the content.


Expert System’s Cogito semantic platform enables an effective automatic monitoring of this information thanks to its ability for the comprehension of sentiment, words, sentences, paragraphs and entire documents. Integrated with the Informatica platform, it allows organizations to have a 360 view on all the internal and external information that is strategic for an enterprise.


Expert System’s products are part of the Informatica Marketplace, the industry’s only marketplace dedicated to the integration professional.

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