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Fuzzy is Fine for Stuffed Animals, Not for Your Big Data!, October 5, 2015

– In this special guest feature, Luca Scagliarini, CEO of Expert System USA discusses the importance of using semantic technology for the effective management of unstructured information. Luca provides the leadership for Expert System’s worldwide sales organization. Prior to Expert System, as CEO Luca cofounded and launched ADmantX, contributed to an impressive first-year growth at SiteSmith, which culminated in a sale to Metromedia Fiber Network, and has held leading positions at Hewlett Packard in the US and Italy. Luca holds an MBA from Santa Clara University and an Engineering degree from the Politecnico di Milano, Italy.

Whether in the form of premium news feeds, comments on social media, research field notes or text files on the company intranet, the amount and level of unstructured data available to any organization today is an important source of intelligence and also an ever-growing part of what constitutes big data.  Semantic technology, which allows for a deeper automatic understanding of text by working to quickly understand the meaning of words in context, has evolved to become a strategic opportunity for enterprises to capitalize on these data sources for a competitive advantage, with the added benefit of not disrupting existing technologies and systems.

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