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Getting Unstuck Means Staying Open to Change

One of the most common reasons that couples break up after a long relationship is that one of the two is accused of being “stuck”. This often means that someone (often the male someone) is holding on to opinions, attitudes or habits that, perhaps, are well past their expiration date, usually around, but not limited to things like politics, work and personal values.

While I think that there might be many other reasons for such break ups, I think it is very common for any one of us to be “stuck” in at least in some areas of our personal lives. Some people only listen to the music of their youth, some maintain the same hair style (but hopefully not one from the 80s), some religiously vote for the same party (even when the leader is found guilty of all the worst possible crimes), some go to the vacation spot year after year, and some never move from their family home.

Change is difficult at any stage in life, but it is even more difficult once we have achieved a peak of some sort—the first boyfriend or girlfriend that made you feel special, the first job that gave you promotion after promotion, the time you were honored with a prestigious award… These “glory days” become an almost mythical time in our personal histories, never to be replicated or even surpassed.

I am not writing this post to say that change in and of itself is positive. Not all changes that we attempt work out. However, what I want to highlight is that being open to change is what really counts. Listening to dubstep artists when rock is really your thing, not instantly rejecting that interview for a job in a foreign country, attending a lecture on a topic you know little about instead of going home and watching television—all of those things are like leaving a window open for change to come in.

The same is true also for any organization. What brought an organization to its moment of glory is almost certainly not what’s going to keep you on top—conditions change, the market changes, the world changes. Therefore it is always important to keep your eyes and ears open so that you don’t stay stuck in the past, and to ensure you never lose sight of those strategies, processes and technologies that can bring you to that next peak.

In this moment, Artificial Intelligence is one of those changes in surrounding conditions. And it can be your eyes and ears in seeing what’s coming. The catch is to not be afraid to use it to test the waters. It might be hard at the beginning, and you may feel lost, but it is quite possible that it will bring positive, necessary and fortuitous change into your life and that of your organization, at least for the time being.


Author: Luca Scagliarini

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