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How to Exploit the Value of Data in Today’s Big Data World

In the enterprise world, big data has become a very real obsession. There is no industry that has remained untouched by big data revolution, and all businesses have rapidly become aware of big data as an essential part of their business processes, and not just the IT department.

Data-related responsibility areas - Forrester

Data-related responsibility areas – Forrester

Regardless of the sector and business department, every change driven by big data also requires a better way to process and analyze it. While there is no doubt that big data analytics has the potential to unlock new opportunities, the main problem remains being able to easily access AND accurately understand data.

Just gathering data without understanding it will not produce meaningful results. This is why it is so crucial for companies to develop data and text analytics capabilities by starting from the comprehension of data and unstructured information to accelerate their processes and reduce operating costs. And here is where Artificial Intelligence (AI) is taking the world by storm through its concrete advantages for processing and understanding what is contained in your big data.

The convergence of big data and Artificial Intelligence

The use of Artificial Intelligence (and specific techniques of AI such as machine learning) in combination with big data is a logical evolution as AI has the potential to benefit from big data.

The opportunity to process huge amounts of data and access wider datasets (that would have required extremely expensive infrastructure in the past) is empowering AI. On the other hand, by overcoming the purely numerical management of data, Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing the enterprise data world. Thanks to the ability to “make sense” of all kinds of data and unstructured information (such as documents, articles, emails, blog posts, social content, etc.), AI solutions enable information access and big data management in a way that gets the maximum business value. By applying human-like comprehension at scale, AI improves the ability to use big data for decision making, strategic planning, customer insight and market intelligence; it helps automate business processes and mitigate risk across the organization.

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