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ICT for Public Prosecutor’s Office

The use of semantic technology in judicial procedures, 9-17-2007

Expert System will take part to the “Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for Public Prosecutor’s Office” conference in Bologna (October 12-13 2007), which represents the last stage of the AGIS project, promoted by the European Commission.

AGIS is a framework programme to help police, the judiciary and professionals from the EU Member States and candidate countries co-operate in criminal matters and in the fight against crime. The event is an important opportunity to consolidate the plans for mutual collaboration, and to share the knowledge of concrete experiences of the employment of ICT technology in the field of Public Prosecution.  

During the session “Information mining and Information exchange for public prosecutor’s offices” (on Thursday, 12th October, at 17:00) the case of the Procura di Torino (Turin’s Public Prosecutor) will be presented. Bruno Tinti, Procuratore aggiunto (Assistant Prosecutor) of the Procura della Repubblica (Public Prosecutor’s office) at the Tribunale di Torino (Turin’s court), where investigations are supported by a special application solution based on COGITO Intelligence is the featured speaker.

The presentation will be followed by a speech by Luca Scagliarini, VP Strategic and Business Development of Expert System, for an in-depth analysis on the contribution that Semantic Intelligence can offer to judicial inquiries: helping analysts find, extract and process useful information, and solving the data overload problem related to each case.

October 12-13 2007
Università di Bologna- Facoltà di Scienze Politiche (Bologna University – Political Science Faculty)
Strada Maggiore 45, Bologna

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