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Improving Search and Decision-Making with Semantics


– We’ve all heard about how Google’s proverbially simple search form has led professionals to expect similar simplicity from search solutions provided by corporate IT. Except this model doesn’t really work, and it’s costing millions of dollars every year in time wasted when professionals don’t find, and have to re-create, key information.

The reason it doesn’t work is that while every organization has a specific worldview, search engines are essentially flying blind. By worldview, I mean the inventory of business objects the organization cares about (products, geographies, customers, processes, etc.) and their relationships, that are typically captured in a taxonomy or ontology. While professionals implicitly want to search for information according to their worldview, search engines don’t offer them a practical way to do so.
But the very need for search suggests a deeper problem: it’s actually our entire information systems that are flying blind. “Wouldn’t there be a way,” we might wonder, “for our systems to understand all this content, and to suggest some conclusions–even draft conclusions–so we could spend less time searching, and instead, invest the bulk of it analyzing and making decisions?”

Read the article by Daniel Mayer, CEO, Expert System Enterprise

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