Intelligence & Law

We help Government agencies analyze and connect internal data and open source information to speed up the detection of threats and enable faster, more informed decision making.

Designed and developed with the help of intelligence sector experts, our Artificial Intelligence platform supports both tactical and strategic defense and intelligence activities, delivering immediate content visibility and multiple scenarios as data emerges.

By applying human-like comprehension at scale, we augment your analysts’ capabilities to read and comprehend vast quantities of communications, documents and web content from virtually any accessible source at the speed of information.

Open Source Intelligence

Monitor and acquire new information to support the entire intelligence process, from data acquisition to knowledge dissemination


Augment analysts’ capabilities by enabling deep data analysis and cyber threat detection at scale

Know Your Supplier

Monitor legal and ethical profiles of your suppliers to prevent negative impacts and mitigate the risks to your organization’s reputation

Critical Infrastructure Protection

Identify early warning indicators by monitoring open sources, extracting key data and applying machine learning to detect latent patterns

Content Enrichment

Discover and organize domain-specific content by easily developing customized taxonomies and entity extraction rules

Learn more about our solutions for the US Federal Government. Visit the Expert System USA website for more information about our innovative and customized Artificial Intelligence products for the US Intelligence, Law Enforcement, Homeland Security and Critical Infrastructure communities.