We help Insurance companies extend automation to knowledge-intensive processes to ensure better customer service and increased productivity.

Our solutions, based on Natural Language Understanding, optimize error-prone processes and expand intelligent automation to time-consuming tasks such as reading, understanding and structuring unstructured information contained in reports, documents and inbound communications.

As the trusted AI partner of some of the world’s largest insurance and reinsurance companies, we offer deep industry experience to enable your organization to reach measurable business value while ensuring higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Risk Engineering

Automatically identify risk elements and corresponding grading for different lines of businesses, such as Property or Energy, for risk reporting.


Detect document types, extract relevant information, adjudicate claims to policies and identify potential fraud signals from both FNOL and non-FNOL.


Speed up quote submission and risk grade assessment, accelerate policy review and compare renewals and slips to help define the right premium.

Intelligent Robotic Process Automation

Take RPA to the next level by integrating natural language understanding (NLU) at the beginning of the process to provide bots with additional data from unstructured documents for front and back office processes or internal workflows.

Digital Customer Interaction

Benefit from NLU to optimize the customer journey, from self-service systems and chatbots, to advanced advisors and email management.

Enhanced Analytics

Augment human capabilities to identify suspected cases of fraud and derive business insights from unstructured data to feed predictive analytics tools.