Oil & Gas

We help Oil & Gas companies manage the scale and complexity of massive amounts of information to streamline data-driven strategies and accelerate decision-making processes.

Our field-tested solutions improve the findability of any piece of knowledge, help your organization capitalize on its intellectual property and easily access both structured scientific, geological data as well as unstructured documents, blueprints and information streams.

By leveraging Artificial Intelligence and deep industry expertise through our work with some of the world’s largest organizations, we offer a smarter view of critical business issues, greater efficiency and reduced costs.

Operational Risk Management

Capture weak signals of disruption, discontinuity or breaking technology and empower more timely and informed decision making

Reputation Management & Counterparty Analysis

Simplify data access to minimize exposure to disruptions that may derive from suppliers, partners and any other parties close to your business

Health and Safety Management

Go beyond statistics by transforming incident reporting repositories from a data dump to an actionable source of intelligence

Competitive Intelligence

Expand market analysis with open source intelligence and identify potential gaps and key elements relevant for strategic assessment

Knowledge Management

Turn collected knowledge into collective knowledge through a full-circle information management approach that optimizes your intellectual capital