For companies in the Banking and Insurance sector, digital technologies offer both challenges and opportunities for improving both business and the bottom line. Providing excellent customer service is no longer optional but an essential requirement of doing business, and new technologies like AI make it possible to do so, while reducing costs.

To stay on top of the latest trends and technologies in the sector, we’ve compiled a list of the insurance analytics conferences for 2017 that you won’t want to miss:

  • Insurance Nexus

    The Insurance Analytics Europe Summit brings together data, analytics and strategy experts from leading European insurers. The event will focus on how to transform your business from the inside, out with a special focus on customer analytics and how AI and machine learning are bringing real value to the customer experience. The event will be held October 9-10, 2017 in London.

  • Insurance Analytics Symposium

    This event will focus on best practices for implementing and making the most of your analytics and big data budgets and efforts. This event will be held October 16-17 in Boston. Visit the website to learn more.

  • Insuretech Connect

    InsureTech Connect is the world’s largest insurance analytics conference that brings together entrepreneurs, companies and investors creating the future of Banking and Insurance technology. The conference is a great occasion to showcase new technologies and discover emerging product categories like cyber insurance, parametric, peer-to-peer and more. The event will take place in October 3-4, in Las Vegas.

Diverse data types, changing and complex regulatory requirements, a digital and multi-channel customer base and an increasing attention to the risk environment mean that analytics and artificial intelligence technologies will continue to play an important role in the sector. Learn how you can leverage cognitive and AI technologies in the banking and insurance sector to empower your information to ensure profitability and growth.

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