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Internet Influence Is Growing

I think it’s really interesting to think about some of the numbers pointed out in this article. To know that 34% of US adults use social media to comment and share their opinions about companies, brands and products is really surprising: if they ever asked me to estimate this percentage, I would have never guessed more than 10% (and probably less). If they were talking about young people or teenagers it would be normal, but the survey says that this is diffused also for users between 34 and 54 years old.

It also surprised me that so many are posting positive comments. I would have expected that many people would use social media as a tool to vent their dissatisfactions and complaints about products and services that are not providing the expected result. Obviously the social side of internet is also bringing out people’s  good intentions (not just the bad :-), so it becomes a pleasure to recommend something we liked to others.

For those of us working in technology and information management, these numbers are really important. They demonstrate how necessary it is for companies to analyze the social content of the internet to know what users and consumers think about their products or services. To have access to this information is really easy (they are free and usually open source), but being able to process them in an efficient and useful way is extremely difficult: this is a perfect task for semantic technology–it cannot make miracles, but it allows you to target relevant information in a more efficient way than other technologies.

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