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March 22, 2020

Information obligations of Significant Shareholders

In accordance with the AIM Italy Regulation, any person who holds at least 5% of a category of financial instruments of Expert System S.p.A. is a “Significant Shareholder”. Exceeding the limit of 5%, and reaching or exceeding the 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 35%, 50%, 66.6% and 90% limits, or going below those limits, or any other limit which may be provided by applicable rules and regulations as the occasion arises, constitutes a “Relevant Change” which must be notified by the Significant Shareholders to Expert System S.p.A.

To this end, within 5 days from the trade, starting from the day on which the transaction that led to the Relevant Change was carried out, the Significant Shareholder must inform Expert System S.p.A. of:
1. the identity of the Significant Shareholders involved;
2. the date on which there was the Relevant Change in the holdings;
3. the price, amount and category of Expert System S.p.A. financial instruments involved;
4. the nature of the transaction;
5. the nature and extent of the Significant Shareholder’s holding in the transaction.
The disclosure can be made using the attached form, sent first by email to or by fax to +39 059 894099 with the original to be sent subsequently by registered mail to: Expert System S.p.A., Via Fortunato Zeni n. 8, 38068 Rovereto (TN).


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(**) Directly (2.136.204 shares) and through Palitone S.S. (930.381 shares)
(***) Directly (1.967.001 shares) and through Federico S.S. (830.381 shares)