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“Is there traffic on the highway?” Starting today you can check by sending an SMS

Receive information regarding traffic on your cell phone, 5-21-2007

Expert System, the leading provider of Semantic Intelligence software, today announced the development of a new service for ANAS, the party responsible for managing the complex network of Italian road system. With a simple and colloquially written SMS, anyone can receive real-time information regarding traffic on his or her cell phone. This technology is the product of a collaboration between Expert System, Unisys, and OCTOtelematics. The release of this service will be formally announced in the ForumPA 2007, the annual meeting held in Rome between May 21st and 25th, where representatives from public administration bureaus, citizens, and business will participate.

For the first time ever it will be possible to write a message in a “natural language” without the need of using predefined codes, which may be difficult to remember, and receive within few seconds an answer on one’s cellular phone. This application will be able to address colloquial questions – “Are there accidents between I 8 and I 12?”- and  to provide real-time accurate answers.

To make use of this service it is not necessary to register nor to pre-pay: this service is in fact available to whomever is traveling and has access to a cell phone. Information regarding all Italian highways, freeways, and city roads will be available. The same service may also be employed in future applications, like price of gasoline, type of handicapped-accessible facilities near highways, availability of gpl and so on…

This innovative application was the result of a collaboration between multiple companies: Expert System has developed the technology which allows to automatically interpret written text, Unisys developed the technological infrastructure, while OCTOtelematics provides real-time traffic information. Merging these technologies with the convenience of sms, which are easily and very commonly used by the public, the new ANAS service has become a tangible opportunity which offers a great assistance to the traveling citizen.

ANAS is the main reference for the Italian road system since 1928. It is constantly under the strict control of the Department of Infrastructure. It is a Society for Actions, whose single ally is the Department of Economy and Finance.

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