The knowledge management sector has been a very well established segment of the Information Technology industry for many years. The exponential growth in the amount of information available to all organizations requires a constant attention to new approaches, technologies and methodologies to make easier to extract relevant knowledge from this huge amount of information. This meant more knowledge management conferences and meetings to enable practitioners, technologists to meet with enterprise decision makers.

The objective of this short post is to list the 3 most relevant events. In creating the list we wanted to have the right mix between academic and commercial knowledge management conferences considering also the right geographic distribution.

1. Knowledge Management World

The first natural knowledge management conference that I would like to include in the list is KMWorld. This yearly event offers a complete program focused on the needs of executives and strategic business and technology decision makers. It is targeted to professionals have the objectives to make their organization more profitable through a more effective use of internal and external knowledge in order to better support decision making, implement a sound innovation strategy and compete more effectively in the market place. The objectives of the organizers of this knowledge management conference is to LEARN about best practices, STREAMLINE knowledge streams, ACCESS knowledge to build strong organizations, SHARE it with subject matter experts & colleagues, IMPROVE taxonomies & ontologies management.


The second knowledge management conference in this list is the AQPC (American Productivity and Quality Center). The event traditionally attendees the chance to expand their skills on the topic but especially offers an opportunity to grow significantly their professional network of valuable KM players in different sectors. Topics covered in the last edition include the issues and complexity of integrating massive amounts of content from multiple repositories and the strategic role of new automated classification and content curation echnologies in this area and the varied approaches to drive executive decisions to fund or restart KM programs. Obviously over the last few editions the visibility of AI and cognitive computing for extracting content and expertise, streamline knowledge workflows, and the mandatory objective to create a more compelling user experience.

3. Conference of the international institute of applied knowledge management

The third and last knowledge management conference is the yearly conference of the international institute of applied knowledge management. While a bit more academic than the other two of the list it is worth mentioning for its attention to innovative theoretical and practical aspects of knowledge management, including, but not limited to: Cybersecurity, Information Security, Human Computer Interaction, Multimedia, and Knowledge Visualization, Knowledge Acquisition, Creation, Discovery, and Sharing Mechanisms, Search, Semantics, and Content Management.

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