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Meet Cogito, a software that reads for you and really understands

San Francisco, Italy

– A few days ago, we met Stefano Spaggiari, CEO of Expert System. After introducing the company, describing the mission and the sector where they operate, Stefano outlined the main challenges that the group is facing, and talked about Cogito, Expert System’s proprietary technology and the basis of its offering.

What is Cogito?

“It’s tool that reads for you and understands the contents of every document that you need, even if there are millions of them. This is artificial intelligence, and it’s exactly what we do with Cogito (Latin for “I think”), in the field of language and information analysis. Cogito is based on a combination of grammar, logic, syntax and semantics. Cogito simulates the human ability to read and understand language in depth, with the advantage that it can do so with any kind of text and at the speed of modern technology…and in 14 languages.” –

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