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New Year: Time for Predictions

Every December/January, everyone makes predictions for the new year.

I hope I will be able to write down mine (maybe in the next post), but for now I prefer to recommend the “Top 10 Predictions 2009” made by IDC analysts. It’s an interesting reading and I agree on various points. In particular, IDC is convinced that 2009 will be an important year for information access since critical releases of new solutions are scheduled by such big vendors as HP, Oracle, IBM, Microsoft etc. (I don’t completely agree on that: I believe these releases won’t be so critical), and above all, because the problem of information access is continuously increasing, so innovative approaches to control the growing volume of information are more than urgent.

I believe the present recession will slow down this inevitable process (more than IDC assumes), but at the same time it will make it more selective and effective, because with falling budgets, waste and delays are not allowed.

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