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Open Source Intelligence: If You Build It, Be Sure You Can Find It

Whether monitoring for competitive intelligence, strategic innovation or asset protection, the real-time monitoring of open information sources or streams, the so-called Open Source Intelligence (OSINT), is quickly becoming an important concept and core, strategic activity in any organization. Having poor information-monitoring practices is an expensive oversight, one that many organizations learn the hard way.

Why has OSINT become so important? Take the example of the 1975 film Three Days of the Condor. It is the original OSINT adventure: books, magazines in foreign languages (aka “open source intelligence” by today’s standards)—read and monitored by humans (in this case, Robert Redford as Joe Turner, the Condor) and converted from analog to digital by powerful computers that could search for hidden messages or codes.

Read the article written by Luca Scagliarini for icrunchdata News

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