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Open Source Intelligence & Semantic Technology Highlighted at Langtech 2008

Rome, February 28-29, 2008

Roberto Pala of the Italian Ministry of Defence presented the use of semantic technology for Open Source INTelligence (OSINT) during a session at Langtech 2008, an international conference devoted to language and speech technologies (Rome 28-29 February 2008).  Mr. Pala and the Ministry of Defence are customers of Expert System’s semantic technologies.

During the session the use of Open Sources (public) in the form of web pages, news, blogs, chat rooms and social networking information sets were described as containing intelligence signals.  But also that Open Sources have a high “noise” factor.  The use of semantic technologies discovers the signals and reduces the sometimes overwhelming amount of noise in Open Sources.  Thus the use of semantic technologies greatly improves the “signal-to-noise” ratio providing valuable insight for security and intelligence decision making.

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