What is open source intelligence and how is it used?

So, what is open source intelligence and how it is used?

I would say that it boils down to just one word: Advantage. Open source intelligence is advantage, pure and simple. How is it used? Forgive me if I sound like a dictionary, but an advantage is used as a condition for a greater chance for success. Let’s talk about this a little bit in detail.

When we talk about open source intelligence (OSINT), it is commonly known that we are speaking about information that is public, legal and available. It is information that is not classified nor under any property constraints. It doesn’t matter if the data has been produced for a broad audience or for a selected one. It’s not important if it is presented as a video or as a blog post nor whether it appears in a famous newspaper site or in an unknown yet specific forum.

What is relevant is that all of this information is free and within everyone’s reach!

Think about it for a moment. When you are looking for an answer on the internet: that’s OSINT. When you study the best solution for your daily activities: that’s OSINT. And, when you tune into the latest news about a product or a service: that’s OSINT again. OSINT is everywhere!

When it comes to making use of information, simply collecting it is not enough. Having too much information may create an even bigger than the one that made you start your research in the first place. We have all experienced that frustrating sensation of searching around without finding what we really want. Who hasn’t experienced the feeling of not being understood by his/her favorite search engine?

Stop wasting your time! OSINT is nearly impossible to navigate without the proper tool. If you really want to transform all its information into actionable intelligence, you need the right solution. Cogitos natural language processing will support you with a fast and clear analysis of documents, web pages or social media, making your organization more efficient and effective. Try it now and experience what it means to get a real advantage from your data! Cogito will reveal all of the intentions and insight that usually remain hidden. And, you can tailor the knowledge you receive around your specific needs and for the supportive knowledge you need for rapid decisions, and suitable actions.

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