Bridge the gap between customer requests and support with Natural Language Understanding

Cogito Answers is a customer support automation software that allows human like interaction between customers and internal staff, using the language of your business and users.

With Cogito Answers, you’ll be able to provide automatic answers to common and frequent customer questions and issues. Cogito Answers streamlines 24/7 access to the most qualified technical resources based on the context of requests, available from any device.

Cogito Answers understands what the customer is saying and how they are saying it, retrieves the right answer from the available knowledge bases, from structured databases to wiki-like repositories. In addition, it understands how your customers feel about the issue, its level of importance and their degree of satisfaction with your response.

Self-learning functions, built on our proprietary machine learning algorithms, makes it easy to extend Cogito Answers by augmenting the scope of issues covered and by strengthening its extraction and analysis capabilities. Automatic access to information and improved customer and marketing analytics has never been easier or more immediate.

Natural Language Understanding

Get customers and operators to the right answer, in real-time, no matter how they phrased the question. Using NLU and our knowledge graph, concepts are connected to one other to enable a complete understanding of meaning and intent as expressed in content. Cogito Answers analyses text and takes into account slang, abbreviations and other variations in language to get users to their desired outcome faster.

Customer Analytics

By analyzing social media comments, digital conversations via email or chatbot, free-text surveys or search queries, you can understand what the customer is saying and how they feel about the issue. Leverage analytics and capture unfiltered opinions for a new level of market analysis to inform your strategy and identify new business opportunities.

Available for all channels

Answers can be deployed to receive customer requests and provide answers via multiple channels such as web, email, chatbot, SMS and call centers. Customers have access to information through all of your channels.

Support for any knowledge base

FAQs, user manuals, web content, email, social media content, wiki-like repositories and CRM systems are all accessible by Cogito Answers.

Cogito Answer Business Benefits FAQ

How can your customer support benefit from NLU-based Cogito Answers?

Cogito Answers increases productivity through effective automation of recurring operations, reducing the time and costs of support while enhancing traditional customer service through multi-channel engagement based on natural language.

Chatbots, Q&A systems, virtual agents, self-help tools: which is the best application?

Depending on the use case you want to address, some applications are more appropriate than others. From a technological perspective, the combination of different AI forms such as Natural Language Understanding and machine learning are the best option if you manage large knowledge bases and want to automate even more complex customer requests.

Can Cogito Answers be integrated in other systems?

Cogito Answers ensures a seamless integration with leading customer management platforms and Robotic Process Automation and Business Intelligence applications.

Cogito Answers Use Cases

Digital Customer Interaction Automation

Multi-language understanding to build advanced question answering, social care and virtual assistants

Customer Support Process Automation

Categorize, structure and extract information from complex text in customer requests to speed up resolution by streamlining routing to Subject Matter Experts in your organization

Email Management

Understand the content of email and attachments to categorize and extract relevant information to optimize both internal processes and digital customer interactions