Information intelligence software for real-time analysis of unstructured data streams

Cogito Intelligence Platform (CIP) performs deep and wide analysis of unstructured data sets to organize, discover and explore information in order to support intelligence workflows by providing actionable insight as data emerges.

CIP leverages Artificial Intelligence based on full Natural Language Understanding to automatically comprehend and process concepts included in any kind of text. By assigning the correct meaning to words based on their context, CIP augments the effectiveness of text analysis and automates intelligence processes, surpassing the limitations of legacy keyword-based engines.

With Cogito Intelligence Platform, you can start with thousands of sources and millions of documents and in as few as 3 clicks, you’ll have the few documents that matter to you most.

There is no button on CIP for search, but there is a button for find.


Semantically index content, categorize it based on relevant domain taxonomies, identify events and entities, including people, places, values such as dates and currency, email addresses, phone numbers, URLs, GEO locations, and just about anything else you configure. Leverage out-of-the-box taxonomies (Intelligence, Cyber, Crime, Finance, Sentiment, Geographic domains and more) or define new ones with categories that describe and represent facets of your interest.


Enable your analysts to process more information, faster, with the same level of accuracy. Anticipate threats instead of simply monitoring or reacting, and acquire relevant knowledge and insight from any volume of unstructured data. Provide decision makers with tactical and strategic information and reveal any abstract and asymmetric threats relevant to your context.


Put the intelligence analyst first. Support all phases of the intelligence cycle, from source acquisition to deep analysis and dissemination. Make the vast amounts of content analysts acquire more findable to mitigate risks and discover more information. Automate the management of multiple information sources and data formats and easily move across sources and topics as your interests change.

Real-time monitoring of analyst-defined targets

Receive proactive alerts triggered by relevant news from validated sources on the analyst-defined target. Create OR Utilize OR Make use of specific dashboards to provide analysts with a single view of  target information (people, organizations and connections), relevant news, the risk situation, financial information, reports, and customized analytics.

Case management

Access content from different perspectives, create custom targets for automatic filtering of information, manage alerts based on select criteria, select and store relevant documents for further analysis and dissemination.

Cogito Intelligence Platform Business Benefits FAQ

What is Cogito Intelligence Platform?

CIP is a complete risk management and intelligence platform that supports analysts in all phases of the intelligence cycle. It makes the vast amounts of content that analysts acquire more findable in order to mitigate risks, identify critical events and discover strategic information for intelligence.

How many sources can I manage with CIP?

CIP makes it easy to manage multiple information sources, including news and financial feeds, blogs, forums, chat rooms, social media and all the information found in accessible public sources such as Open Source Intelligence (OSINT). CIP processes content by understanding it the way people do. It augments analysts’ capabilities to identify and comprehend virtually everything in all of the content acquired, to capture news and events, follow up on developing situations, and listen for emerging trends and signals important to your organization.

Which sources can be acquired with CIP?

CIP can easily manage a wide range of multiple information sources, data formats (doc, pdf, HTML, txt, etc.), traditional sources (system folders, internet, intranet, RSS, etc.) and connectors to acquire data from alternative sources (social networks, email, sms, news feeds), document libraries or knowledge bases. It is customizable from any volume of unstructured content for OSINT activities and operational risk management. It also manages structured information from common relational databases and may be customized to acquire and analyze data directly from monitoring devices.

What business outcomes can be achieved with CIP?

CIP increases the productivity of analysts by maximizing the effectiveness and accuracy of text analysis, enabling inferencing and automating the intelligence processes. CIP enables analysts to provide actionable intelligence through interactive data exploration, high throughput and immediate results from terabytes of information, including abstract connections that are intentionally hidden.

Cogito Intelligence Platform Use Cases

Corporate Security

Acquire and analyze a virtually unlimited amount of open sources to discover and track evidence of events and information that can threaten your organization.

Know Your Customer

Support KYC requirements at onboarding through OSINT to reveal any factors that  indicate risk or lack of compliance with anti money laundering requirements.

Know Your Supplier

Streamline big data analysis to expose the risks in third party relationships that threaten supply chains and financials.