Where language and Artificial Intelligence intersect

Cogito Studio is a fully integrated development environment for building and deploying a custom AI-based text model that leverages the cognitive abilities of the Cogito platform. As the command center for Cogito-powered deployments, Cogito Studio helps organizations and developers to create advanced and unique solutions to extend the scope of intelligent process automation and make knowledge discovery more effective.

Cogito Studio applies the Natural Language Understanding capability of Cogito and a fine-grained text processing configuration to achieve precise comprehension of your content in order to give you complete control over how you access the content and how to use it efficiently and at scale in support of your business operations.

Text analytics model development

Cogito Studio provides advanced linguistic rule writing to support effective entity and relationship extraction and automatic document categorization. You can immediately deploy and optimize the initial rules set to start document categorization. When required, you can simplify and automate the rule writing process through integration with machine learning algorithms.

Knowledge graph editor

The advanced cognitive capabilities of Cogito Studio allow you to customize your projects by augmenting and enriching the Cogito knowledge graph through the acquisition of Subject Matter Expert Knowledge or through machine learning.

Test bench

Cogito Studio provides sophisticated testing and reporting tools for validating your model against a collection of documents. This allows you to measure regressions and improvements for precision and recall in order to check results than can be quickly improved to match your quality requirements.

Integrated collaboration

Cogito Studio allows users to run more than one project at the same time and scales on a multi-server environment. It provides extensive scalability in the management of documents in any format.

Cogito Studio Benefits FAQ

How can my AI-based projects benefit from knowledge graph enrichment?

Using Cogito Studio, developers and data scientists can take advantage of our knowledge graph to create unique and customized text analysis models to address your business requirements. Apply the advanced language and the out-of-the-box knowledge graph to develop categorization and extraction projects. Enjoy faster project deployment and reduced development costs thanks to automatic knowledge graph enrichment.

Does Cogito Studio support multi-language projects?

Yes. In addition to be widely scalable, Cogito Studio ensures maximum performance, reduced operating costs and easily supports categorization and extraction projects in multiple languages.

What is Cogito Studio Express?

Cogito Studio Express is an ontology editor that helps you to coordinate the workflows and resources required to create, manage, enrich and apply an ontology to content for metadata enrichment. Accessible through a user-friendly interface, Cogito Studio Express is the ideal tool for distributed teams working to develop and maintain a shared ontology.