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Semantic API for the finance industry from Expert System

KMWorld – July 21, 2015

– Expert System has unveiled Cogito API Finance, a ready-to-deploy and fully configured solution specifically designed to help financial industry developers and IT professionals speed their search and content analysis application deployments. The new offering combines rich taxonomies and ontologies for the finance sector with the performance of a robust semantic engine.

Expert System says financial organizations need to rapidly evolve their data management infrastructures to enable bank professionals, including stockbrokers, risk managers and compliance managers, to continuously analyze massive amounts of structured and unstructured data. It adds that constant monitoring of market information, news, reports and other streams of data are required to successfully manage investment risks, identify market indicators, improve financial performance and gain competitive and industry insights. It concludes by saying all these activities, while critical to the bottom line, are both time-consuming and costly to the individual and the organization.

Along with the new API, Expert System is providing developers and IT professionals with the ability to easily create and develop powerful, compliant and customized applications that offer a precise knowledge of the financial domain, with the ability to read like humans to quickly and accurately consume and understand financial content.

Source: KMWorld

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