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“Semantic engines and their applications”

Dec 12, 2006

The IED2 community (“Integrated Environment for Design and Development“), within Finmeccanica’s MindSh@re initiative, is organizing a seminar on “Semantic engines and their applications”, which will be held in Rome on December 14 2006, from 2pm to 5.15pm.

Semantic platforms, and more in general, “Semantic Intelligence” technologies, are used for effective knowledge management: from the search and extraction to the analysis, classification and transformation of unstructured information.

Their applications go from security (“Homeland Security“) to technological intelligence, from service providers (“Contact Centers“, “Help Desks“, CRM, “Infomobility“) to product data management (“Product Lifecycle Management“). In companies and big systems (“Systems of Systems“, SoS’s), they are also used to manage complex taxonomy and ontology.

Representatives of Expert System will present the linguistic technology and Semantic Intelligence solutions for Knowledge Management at the seminar.

Due to the limited number of available seats, if you are interested in participating, please send an e-mail to


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