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Semantic technology and business conference 2016: updates and news

Over the years there have been an increasing number of Semantic Technology and business conferences. However, very few were able to remain relevant and attract non technical audiences. In this post I list the three that, from a pure business perspective, are the ones not to miss if you want to get a good understanding on the impact of these technologies on your business. One additional element to consider is that, especially in the last few years, the concept of Semantic Technologies, Cognitive Computing and Smart Machines and Data have been overlapping. Thus when you do your research for events to learn or to sponsor my suggestion is to track all these terms.

Semantic technology and business conference 2016: List

  • The first Semantic Technology and business conference I suggest is SmartData. This conference started more than 10 years ago and at that time it was called Semantic Technology and Business. It is usually held in the San Francisco Bay Area and over the years has seen great speakers, innovative companies and the introduction of new concepts like virtual assistant, conceptual search, chatbot or automatic categorization that are now very popular and found applications both in the consumer and in the enterprise world.
  • Another valuable Semantic Technology and business conference is the one dedicated to Defense and Intelligence. The event is held every year in the Washington DC area and it is usually divided into a an unclassified and a classified session. While the topics are usually centered around the use of these technology in the specific domain of Defense, often attendees can get a relevantf insights on effective ways to manage information that can also provide also significant value in the enterprise world. Concepts like using entities and relationships as effective way to navigate content, events tracking and knowledge graph found very consistent applications in the defense environment before becoming typical topics of effective information management also in corporations.
  • The last Semantic Technology and business conference I want to mention is Semantics. Semantics is for Europe what SmartData has been for the US in the last few years. The event started in Vienna, Austria but the last few editions were in diffferent geographic locations. I attended a few of the first years and then Expert System was invited to speak in the last edition (add link to the news). The event started s very academic but in the last few years became progressively more engaging and relevant also for business audiences. Still I don’t see any events in Europe that could be more valuable for a business audience.

With the increasing focus on AI and the discussions that have started about the impact on business and society, I am expecting that in future years the scope of what is covered in the Semantic Technology and business conferences will expand. For those, like us, that were among the pioneers in this field, it is very reassuring to see Semantic Technologies as enablers of many concrete business applications with measurable and impressive ROI. Semantic technologies or cognitive computing enabled applications have been adopted by companies in the Banks and Insurance, in the Life Science, Oil and gas and publishing. We see predict this trend to continue, especially when it will become clear that AI capabilities are very limited without language understanding and semantics technologies.

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