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Semantic Web in Oil & Gas Industry

W3C Workshop, Houston, 12-9/10-2008

Expert System took part to W3C Workshop on Semantic Web in Oil & Gas Industry, which was organized by the World Wide Web Consortium – W3C and hosted by Chevron (Houston, TX, USA, 9–10 December, 2008).


The goal of the workshop was to gather and share possible use cases and/or case studies for Semantic Web in the O&G industry in order to understand the business drivers and benefits of using Semantic Web in that particular area of industry. The Workshop also explored whether it is worthwhile to consider the creation of an Incubator, Interest, or Working Group (or Groups) under the auspices of W3C, and the workshop participants attempted to gather enough information for their companies to decide whether to commit substantial resources to such an effort.


J. Brooke Aker, Expert System USA CEO, showed the potential of semantic technology and semantic applications in the fields of Search and Knowledge Management in Oil & Gas Industry giving Managing Knowledge with Semantics: The “If we only knew what we know” Syndrome. The talk was developed in collaboration with Dante Augusto Casati, Corporate International Institutional Activities, Integrated Initiatives Promotion Manager, Eni Group.


The “If we only knew what we know” Syndrome slides

W3C Workshop on Semantic Web in Oil & Gas Industry: Report

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