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Semantic Web Meetup

Last week I organized “Semantic Web Makes for Business Intelligence 2.0”, a meetup event for the CT Semantic Web Meetup Group (Ah yes, I funded the Connecticut Semantic Web Group last April. The reason was simple: we had the NYC and Boston version of these groups but didn’t have one of them in CT. So how about having some meetups right here in CT to learn, trade stories and promote the Semantic Web / Web 3.0 right here?). And this week I will take part in an other Semantic Web event which seems very interesting and was scheduled as part of Internet Week NY 2010: “Building NLP Semantic Web Applications for Financial Services“.

You’ll find all the details here. But what’s the point? This is sea-change technology and early adopters are in corporate communities. The technology is here now and coming on fast. Come to these meetups so you and your company are out in front and not left behind.

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