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Sentiment Analysis: Thanks to Artificial Intelligence, it’s no Longer Just a Dream

Until a few years ago, being able to monitor and analyze sentiment in all the conversations taking place on blogs, forums and social media about your brand, products or services was every organization’s dream. Thanks to new smart technologies, this dream is now a reality.

According to Forrester, “ingesting and analyzing social media data (social networks, blogs, forums, review sites, online news sources, etc.) are the bread and butter of social listening-focused platforms”. And while risk mitigation and brand monitoring were the original goals, today, companies are leveraging sentiment analysis to

  • optimize the impact of content and brand messaging
  • define customer engagement strategies
  • identify trending topics and influencers
  • support proactive engagement to grow brand awareness and improve customer service
  • reveal specific insights on market and competitors

When the “Voice of the Customer” Comes Alive

Using sentiment analysis, companies can detect the opinions expressed by users and measure customer feedback found in millions of web pages, postings on review sites and customer forums. In layman’s terms, it intercepts and analyzes each kind of text and understands if the sentiment is positive, negative or neutral. For organizations who want to know what users are saying and how they feel, sentiment analysis provides strategic value from the extraction of online feedback and comments.

How Artificial Intelligence (AI) Performs sentiment analysis

The opportunity presented by “making sense” of unstructured information and the Natural Language Processing provided by Artificial Intelligence optimizes sentiment analysis.  Thanks to AI and sentiment analysis, companies can manage vast amounts of data, understand the insights shared by consumers and merge all types of social data with other data streams to discover customer needs, intents and preferences, all with unprecedented precision.

The cognitive technology Cogito can understand the nuances of language, which is especially important when it comes to social language (and the use of slang, acronyms, tone, abbreviations, etc.) and the unique ways that customers express themselves on social media.

The comprehension provided by Cogito is equivalent to more traditional focus groups and surveys, but without the time and expense. In addition, Cogito constantly provides timely updates, giving companies the opportunity to capture real-time awareness of the opinions, trends and events being discussed online.

What picture emerges for your brand and your products from social media sentiment analysis?
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