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How social media and open source intelligence techniques can work together

An important element of an effective business strategy is a deep understanding of your customers and your competitors.

A social media monitoring strategy is a great starting point for discovering what users are saying about your brand, services and products, as well as how the social media sentiment is trending around those topics. The word “social” means more than connecting with friends or sharing photos; above all, “social” means “public.” Social media and the internet are two of our largest, most important sources for sharing and collecting information. As we all know, nothing on social media or the internet is private or temporary. However, there are a lot of resources that are under considered. Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques can help take advantage of these (and all) sources to search for relevant and useful information.

Open Source Intelligence (OSINT) techniques support the collection and analysis of relevant and targeted information for a variety of needs and sectors, including government and defense agencies, risk management, insurance, and life science. From an organizational point of view, social media monitoring tools are a valuable resource that require less time to process data and reveal insight from social media and internet sources.

OSINT tools makes the public data on social media available in real-time. These techniques dramatically improve the ability to filter, analyze and deliver results from huge quantities of data on a daily basis in a way that is consumable and easy to manage. OSINT tools also requires fewer resources to manage and exploit information in terms of both people and time. Together, social media monitoring and OSINT tools can be used for a variety of purposes. They can be used to monitor conversations on social media and identify threats in real time. For example, during a soccer match, they can be used to monitor social media messages posted by spectators. In the event of violence or other issues at the match, those monitoring the situation can quickly evalute what’s happening and act in time. With the help of social media monitoring software, analysts can take into consideration a much larger amount of online sources and searches on a daily basis that would not be possible using manual processes. Analysts can instantly search, segment and analyze content and automatically provide a view of the sources and information that would remain invisible using manual or semi-automated search.

Social media monitoring combined with OSINT because it speeds up the process of discovering and sharing information, social media monitoring combined with OSINT makes it easier and faster to act on important details that would remain invisible using traditional tools.

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