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The rise of big data, mobile devices, social media, business intelligence, and analytics of all types are driving global technology trends that shape startups, their new ideas and their business practices today. Many times, true innovation comes from young, emerging companies that look to solve problems in new and different ways. Companies like Facebook, Google, Uber and Fitbit were once startups that brought new inventive technology to market and quickly grew into household names that are integrating their solutions into our everyday lives.

Successful startups need to do what they can to speed time-to-revenue to build value in their business. Therefore, the need for speed in startups is critical for survival. Startups face a crowded competitive landscape for ideas, people, products and investment. It is imperative that startups move quickly so they don’t get left behind, using as many tools in their arsenal to help them get further faster. Startups need to be quick, nimble and agile in the way they plan, the way they take product to market, and in the way they do business, in general. Cognitive computing can help the cause, but it can also seem like it is out of reach for many companies just starting out. Expert System, together with 500 Startups, has made cognitive computing and content analysis technology a reality for startups in all stages and budgets.

500 Startups, one of the world’s most recognized seed fund and accelerator firms, has selected Expert System’s Cogito API as the first semantic analytics tool to be made available to its members. 500 Startups has a portfolio of over 1000 companies from more than 50 countries that will now have access to cognitive computing technology to advance their businesses. We will provide 500 Startups members with Cogito API, a semantic intelligence solution for building new data analytics applications for improving existing analysis platforms to manage large volumes of data with great accuracy and precision.

We have learned a lot from our own experiences as a young company that started in Italy over 18 years ago. Expert System has since grown into a global enterprise delivering semantic intelligence solutions to Fortune 1000 companies and startups alike. It is undeniable that the startup experience can be much more successful when young companies can have peers and partners give advice, provide a new perspective and give you the ability to learn from others’ mistakes.

We are honored in being selected as the first and only semantic intelligence solution available to the 500 Startups’ community and are excited to be joining an elite group that includes some of the most innovative and respected technology solutions specifically designed to propel today’s emerging companies. Our Cogito API will serve as a powerful data analytics tool for members, allowing development teams to create applications that will seamlessly and effectively increase their capabilities to easily and quickly find, share, and capitalize on knowledge, and, as a result, create a faster path to generating revenue.

500 Startups companies can use Cogito to analyze large volumes of unstructured data, such as documents, websites, CRM applications, knowledge bases, news reports and other open source information assets. This will help them quickly learn about their market space, competition, potential customers, start-up lessons learned and more, to improve their chances of delivering a successful product to market. The solution helps users digest and comprehend mounds of data and information, reading just as humans would read. This can allow startups to reach strategic, competitive or performance objectives by accurately analyzing words in context and how words are related to each other.

Cogito API, allows users to get deeper insights quickly and works by acting as a connector between separate programs or applications that house text, documents or data sets. This enables these programs to communicate with each other and quickly process relationships and the context of the information at hand. Semantic processing unlocks the meaning of words to extract the comprehension of massive amounts of data, providing a deep understanding of meanings, sentiment, intentions, and emotion.

IT has been proven time and time again that starting a business is not an easy task. As demonstrated on sites like, startups fail every day. There is a true need for organizations like 500 Startups to provide insight, experiences and proven solutions like Expert System’s Cogito API for young companies to gain insight and learn from the experiences of those that have paved the way before them. Tools like Cogito API can help 500 Startups’ emerging companies harness big data and leverage text analysis in a new way for the next generation of startups.

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