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TAL Conference 2006 came to an end

Mar 23, 2006

Man and machine, communicating is possible: this is the main goal of TAL 2006, the national Congress on the Automatic Processing of Language that took place on Thursday 9th and Friday 10th March in Rome, at the Aula Magna of the Ministero delle Comunicazioni (Ministry of Communications), under the High Patronage of the President of the Republic, Carlo Azeglio Ciampi. The event which was organized by the Forum TAL ( discussed the most innovative tools on the Automatic Processing of Language, with the aim of promoting the search and boosting the development.

Expert System has been glad to receive guests at its stand, which was open during the whole Congress. The stand was placed among almost twenty other stands, each one of them with important speakers coming from various public institutions and business companies which develop the best TAL solutions in Italy. Besides the products layout, the most important searches and innovations were introduced successfully. During the two days, more than 800 (eight hundred) people took part, following with great interest and participation the speakers’ (photo), who showed with great emphasis the three main goals of the TAL 2006.

First of all, the speakers dealt with the accessibility, referring to Italian law and to the international context, which enables to thoroughly analyze the handicapped users’ problems and the solutions suggested by TAL. The second session focused on spare time, the speakers showed the best TAL applications for leisure and education. The last session was dedicated to Intelligence, relying on the long experience in this area of TAL on written text processing and speech to text analysis. Furthermore, there were two round tables: “TAL used in Public Administration” and “The future technological development” (see the complete event programme).

The proceedings of the Congress began on Thursday 9th with the presentation speech of Nicoletta Calzolari (ILC-CNR, the Chairman of the Meeting) and other prestigious speakers, such as Claudio Petruccioli (the President of RAI) and Giordano Bruno Guerri (the President of FUB).

Expert System, as founding member of the Forum TAL and of the committee for the program of the Congress, coordinated the organization of the session dedicated to Intelligence, which took place on Friday 10th, with the participation of Professor Mario Caligiuri.

One of the most prestigious speakers of this Congress was Francesco Cossiga, Presidente Emerito della Repubblica Italiana (President Emeritus of the Italian Republic): “special guest” of the event, he made a great survey of the Intelligence world (photo). Being a great expert of the sector, he charmed the whole Aula Magna telling the anecdotes and experiences of “an anomalous politician, who held the most important institutional offices. This is Francesco Cossiga: a man who says what he thinks and thinks about what he says” (as mentioned in Professor Caligiuri’s speech).

Among the important speakers attending the Intelligence section there were:

– Dott. Bruno Tinti Sostituto Procuratore di Torino (Assistant Public Prosecutor in Turin)

Un intelligence intelligente: il pubblico ministero, il giudice, Beagle e le banche dati non strutturate (An intelligent Intelligence: the Public Prosecutor, the judge, Beagle and unstrctured databases)

– Andrea Melegari, Area Intelligence Officer and Expert System Public Administrator,

Intelligence, non solo spionaggio: il TAL come supporto alle decisioni di impresa (Intelligence, not only spying: TAL as support to business decisions).

– Ing. Tommaso Bove, Primo Dirigente della Polizia Scientifica (Chief Executive of the Criminal Laboratory Department)

Metodologie concernenti il riconoscimento del parlatore applicate alle attività preventive e giudiziarie (Methodologies concerning the speaker’s recognition applied to preventive and judicial activities).

One of TAL Conference 2006 goals, reminded by the Chairman Nicoletta Calzolari, was “to introduce TAL capacities in the information society, scientific perspectives and political, cultural, economic and social spin-off”.

The Conference came to the end and we can be sure that we certainly achieved our aim, the Conference was successful and the results obtained were beyond our initial expectations. In fact, the spread of knowledge about TAL technology creates the key element for a further development of this market which, even though, it is still at the initial steps, is considered the most stimulating, competitive and esteemed sector by the Intelligence users.

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