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“TALeP – Technology for eParticipation”

Nov 22, 2006

Expert System will participate in the Conference “TALeP – Technology for eParticipation: a brake or an opportunity for democratic participation?”, organized by the Institute of Computational Linguistics of the CNR on November 27 and 28 in Pisa.
The initiative is part of the European Network of Excellence (NoE) DEMO-Net (, which is the project for the development of a European network of excellence for research on eParticipation.

The event, which includes a number of thematic sessions and round tables, foresees interventions by exponents from the world of politics, from university and research centers, from the corporate world, by technicians and local administrators on themes such as:
• socio-political analysis of eParticipation;
• information technology for participation;
• norms, accessibility and eParticipation;
• survey on eDemocracy in local Italian Public Administration;
• the future of internet for eParticipation;
• ontology, semantic Web, text mining;
• man-machine interaction and user friendly interfaces;
• from eGovernment to eParticipation.

The Conference also includes demonstrations of practical eParticipation solutions.
Andrea Melegari, Export System’s Intelligence and Public Administration Division Manager will preside the round table on the afternoon of Monday 27 on the theme “Technology for eParticipation: a brake or an opportunity for democratic participation?”, presenting the possible applications of semantic technology to support operators’ activities (back end) and interaction with the final user (front end).

Participation in the Conference is free but requires on-line registration

The complete program of TALeP

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